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We are afyny [a'fInI]

afyny was born in Lviv in 2019, as a tribute of gratitude to all children, their imagination and the feeling that nothing is impossible.

We create clothes that children love to wear, but without affecting the social and environmental aspects of production. This is the brand's mission and it affects our every move. After all, in such clothes, you not only look good, but also feel great.


In our collections we offer a wide range of durable fabrics and accessories:

  • The use of organic cotton, processed cotton and polyester, as well as innovative fabrics of plant origin - Tencel and Modal.

  • We do not use leather, fur, feathers, natural silk in any of our products.

  • All our buttons do not contain toxic nickel and are specially created for children's textiles by the Japanese factory YKK.

  • We use buttons made of wood (corozo, palm, cork wood) and processed raw materials (cotton, paper, rice residues, etc.).

  • We cooperate with innovative textile industries. Such as the Portuguese factory RDD (Research Design Development), whose customers are global brands COS, Stella McCartney, Moschino and others. The factory specializes in sustainable fabrics from recycled and organic raw materials.

  • For most prints we use hypoallergenic ecological water-based paints


In addition, all production processes that can be done on site, we do locally. We print, embroider and sew collections directly in Lviv, at a distance of no more than 5 km from our office. Thus, following another principle of sustainable production.


All our clothing is unisex, and we never classify or place our products on the sex basis.

Our age range includes clothings from 3 months to 8 years.


We create much more than just clothes. After all, in each of our collections, we raise a global theme that inspires children and adults to improve the world in which we live. And our children are ambassadors of these initiatives.


We want to give children the freedom to choose clothes that match their personality, mood and creativity.

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