Star Chef

SS22 Collection


The freedom of children's imagination!

Let them experiment, explore and invent new tastes and flavors. Children do not always like what we adore. Allow your little ones to choose their favorite dish on their own, or even invent many of their own, still unknown to anyone. And the Star Chef collection will become for children an inspiration and a true friend in the culinary world!

In the new SS22 collection, we continue to adhere to the principles of environmental friendliness and sustainability of the product. afynykids has one of the most sustainable operational models on the market. So the new Star Chef collection products are made from organic cotton, recycled cotton and the innovative Tencel fabric, which has the least impact on both nature and human health.

Fourteen of the sixteen models in the collection are made of organic cotton. It is grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or any other chemical fertilizers. A sustainable production system also replenishes and maintains soil health.
For prints we use hypoallergenic ecological water-based paints. We apply paints in the minimum quantity therefore prints are almost imperceptible to the touch.
For the Star Chef collection, we continue to use buttons from the world manufacturer YKK, created specifically for children's textiles from a non-toxic nickel.

All production processes, from design to read product, are established locally. We create our clothes for children within a radius of 7 km from the afynykids office in Lviv - one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Ukraine. This reduces our carbon footprint by eliminating the long-distance transportations.

Packaging and labels for SS22 are all printed on recycled paper.
Prints and illustrations were created by an artist from Finland, who collaborates with major global brands, such as ZARA, Bobo Choses, Tiny Cottons.


afynykids are born to create clothes beloved by children which are produced in a way that does not affect social and environmental aspects of our lives. Because in such clothes, you not only look good, but also feel great.