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Whoever you are, wherever you are, remember your roots, your relatives, your native land. Do not forget about national traditions and customs, ask your grandmothers about them, save them and pass them on to the next generation. This is extremely important for the preservation of our national identity! Preserve!

Manifesto to the roots, country, ancestors

  1. Choose your favorite notebook to save the most interesting things from your time with your grandmothers - customs, holidays, words or dishes.

  2. Create your own explorer’s map of distant villages to learn even more deeply about who are you.

  3. Sing old songs for a new world. Listen to trembita, kobza, bandura, pipe and extend this list further.

  4. Take photos in museums. You liked the bird, the jug, the embroidery - film the memory.

  5. Ask your parents about the games of their childhood. Play!

  6. Celebrate. Сarol. Paint Easter eggs. Follow the traditions of your country, your people, and your family. 

  7. Preserve. And when you grow up, pass it on to your children!

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