After the hot summer, the animals began to notice, that a lot of garbage was gathering around the forest ...

They left their homes and cleared the forest. By the evening, everything was cleaned up - a huge mountain of garbage was brought together. Now the animals were thinking again: what to do with it? Such a pile of junk was looking scary and alien among the green trees, so they wanted to get away from it as quickly as possible. But how can you leave such an ugly thing in the middle of the forest?

The next day, when the sun went up and the autumn leaves turned on the melody of the rustle - afyny came to the kingdom of animals, and did not even know that they would save the forest from the mess. All the animals came around them and ant immediately told of a great pile of garbage that they did not know what to do with it. Because it was so clean and beautiful around, the little afyny couldn't believe that people were throwing garbage around here.

"Follow us," shouted the squirrels, and ran toward the clearing ... Seeing that pile of debris, nobody could say a word. The children felt very ashamed to realize that this was a human trail - so they were simply obliged to clean up ...

All day long little hands and paws worked to get all the debris out of the woods. And by sunset they were able to defeat that garbage monster! How much joy there was in the eyes of the forest dwellers, because their home is clean again!

We are all children of the world! And it is our responsibility to keep our home clean.