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Pajamas Pan Kotsky

  • The winter day is short and the night is long. Every night, after the hard work, the shepherds were gathering in their hut, had dinner and went to bed to rest, in a circle, with their feet turned to the fireplace in the middle. They didn't want to sleep yet, and then someone was starting a fairy tale. And he kept on going until everyone was asleep. The narrator fell asleep last.


    So put on your pyjamas and sit comfortably to feel the warmth of the fire, the radiance of the clear sky and immerse yourself in the charm of the Ukrainian folk fairy tale - a real book of life of the Ukrainian people.


    Pajamas are made of soft organic cotton.


    Mixed orders with Pajamas Pan Kotsky will be shipped from December 25.


    We send all pajamas in a gift box with an enclosed fairy tale!

  • 95% organic cotton 5% elastane